If there is one thing that many people find boring, it is a long bus journey that just takes ages to be concluded. If you want to enjoy a potentially long bus ride on the buses of your home city, why not play a slots game to pass the time and make that journey a lot more exciting than it actually is?

Long Bus Rides Can be Boring

While the bus proceeds on its slow journey, you could be winning a few games and potentially reach your destination with pockets feeling heavier. And while we are on the subject of buses, there is a selection of bus-themed games that we can point you to.

Online Games

Before selecting a game, players should play it smart by checking what the features of the game include. These features may include numerous no deposit free spins and bonuses that are available to take advantage of. These bonuses are what can make the difference between getting the small rewards and the big wins; making those pre-checks is the mark of a smart player. Passing the time is easy, and can bring small rewards. But if you really want to turn a thrill ride into an even more exciting endeavour, then these checks are necessary.

If you would rather not be limited to one type of game, then you have nothing to worry about. Online casinos have a myriad of different games and themes to suit your needs. Perhaps you would like to get into the spirit of your destination. A quick search online will quickly yield results.

Destination the Beach

It is very easy to find games related to your destination. How about NetEnt casino’s The Beach? The Beach is a game that gives quite good odds as far as online slots go, with plenty of free scatters and spins to make it easier to land that big win.

The theme is, as one would imagine, closely related to the destination, with an octopus that seems nothing short of ecstatic to see new players as he dishes out a ridiculous amount of wilds. There are plenty of little icons to make this game fun, such as a starfish, pebbles, an oyster with a pearl, and chests full of gold that are waiting to be claimed.

This game gives an equal chance to both newbies and veterans, as the player can adjust not just the quantity of the bet but also the level to make things more interesting. This can mean arriving at the beach with a treasure chest already in your hands, and what could make a day out in the sunshine sweeter than the promise of gold in your hands? It even boasts a jackpot that can mean up to 40,000 coins are up for grabs.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let the bus ride be a dreary one. Visit The Beach before you arrive at the beach, and arrive already a winner.