Buses are the most common mode of transport across the globe. Whether organized by the government, in collaboration with the government, or a completely privatized entity, public transport in the form of buses can be found all around the world.

Depending on the location, bus designs can come in a variety of sizes that are specifically chosen to, not only offer a method of transportation, but to accommodate the environment that they are used in. A double-decker bus would not be ideal for a location with the narrow streets like Rome, and likewise it would be a waste to use a small bus as a cross-country coach.

Private Hire

Some companies might want to organize a work retreat for a large amount of employees, and might want to organize transportation so that everyone can follow what might be a very tight schedule. Private Coach Hire companies offer solutions that can ease the pressure of making sure everyone arrives at a specific location on time.

A Tour Bus

If a group of people needs to tour a number of locations while maintaining a sort of hub to regroup after every stop, then a luxury coach might just be the answer. These buses have been specially designed to have private offices for all the necessary prep-work that needs to be organized before going on to the next location. These buses also have on board comfort facilities such as a shower and bathroom amenities, that allow one to freshen up before the next presentation, should the requirement arise. These are very popular with bands that are embarking on their first tours in the earlier stages of their career, when flying to a new location might not be worth the money, given its proximity. Taking a bus they get to keep all the equipment very close by, and can simply drive right up to their venue, and once their job is done, drive away.

Climbing Aboard the Party Bus – Literally

Ever heard of a party on a bus? Sounds crazy? Maybe. Some people like parties on a boat, but there are people who get seasick. The answer to the question of how to have a moving party is simple: a party bus.

These are very often double-decker buses that have had a large portion of the seating removed to allow more standing area, or to be replaced with a sound system or bar. The guests climb aboard and they are taken on a moving party that will tour a set number of locations while having fun in their own private club.

Party busses are not allowed everywhere, as some countries might consider drinking while in public to be disorderly conduct. Should anyone get the chance to join in on one of these parties, they could be surprised by how much fun they can have, however a bit of moderation is advised, as the movement of the bus combined with alcohol could more readily result in motion sickness.